Home insurance is a forte of ours. When it comes to finding our customers tailored insurance products in the UK that fit their preferences in coverage for their homes, we have never let them down. Using our nationwide network of insurance partners, we can provide appropriate coverage in the following areas of residential insurance.


Private medical insurance is a type of health insurance policy that provides you access to private medical treatment. This type of insurance typically covers treatment needs for health problems that appear sudden, progress fast, and need immediate treatments, such as one-time surgeries like hernia removal or a new hip. With comprehensive private medical cover from one of our insurance partners, you can get nationwide access to specialist treatment for your sudden health problems without delay.

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Building insurance – sometimes called Home insurance – is about insuring your home against natural disasters and other misadventures, such as burglaries and theft. Depending on where you live and what you want to be included in your residential property insurance, we can have one of our partners craft you a policy that tends to all your needs at an affordable policy premium.


Contents insurance is about getting coverage for your belongings while they are in on the premises of your home. With our contents insurance providing partners, we have delivered reasonably priced insurance policies to many customers who frequently travel or work most hours of the day.


Home emergency insurance provides coverage for any sudden accidents related to your home, including sudden boiler breakdowns or roof damages. These are the kinds of problems that you cannot leave to be fixed later. They need immediate resolution and, since your typical home insurance policy may not cover these urgent needs, an emergency endorsement to it can take care of them without delay. Our network of insurers can send you expert technicians as soon as you have a home emergency and resolve it swiftly.


Legal expenses insurance is another complex branch of insurance services, and we offer a wide range of insurance products for you in this area. Our legal expenses insurance enables you to get access to expert advice and covers your costs for legal action and services taken to defend certain types of claims. Our network of insurance providers across the country allows us to offer you complete legal expenses coverage with expert guidance to construct a comprehensive policy that gives you peace of mind.


Gadgets insurance provides you cover from damage to your property and data in your gadgets. It may cover your computer, mobile phones, tablet and other electronics items, protecting you against the risks of damaging or losing them whether you are home or busy outside in the city. With our partners’ gadgets insurance plans, you can find comprehensive cover for theft, property breakdown, loss of property, malicious or accidental damage, and other such risks.

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