Landlord insurance is built by putting together all significant risks involved in renting a property into a comprehensive insurance product. If you rent your property, you should make sure you have thorough landlord insurance to alleviate the many risks that come with the occupation. Even if you have exemplary tenants, problems can arise, and you must be prepared as a responsible landlord and business manager.

In general, landlord insurance includes coverage for building(s) insurance, contents insurance, personal liability, and some other key risks. With these covers in place, you stop worrying about paying for any damage to your building(s) – and their contents - during the tenancy and get cover for any claims of injury to your tenants or their visitors. 


Residential let insurance becomes important as soon as you let a house, flat, farm, or other residential type of property to a tenant. This instantly expands your insurance needs from a bare-minimum home insurance policy. Understanding the specifications of your residential lets and the terms of your tenancy contracts, we can help you get complete coverage for the many risks involved in renting a property.


For landlords with unoccupied property, we have a special set of insurance products that give them complete coverage for risks associated with owning unoccupied property. While many insurers in the UK do not consider vacant properties, our network of insurance carriers are ready to provide full coverage for unoccupied property risks. While your property is unoccupied, you can also work with us to build a bespoke landlord insurance policy that protects you against property damage, damage to property contents, owner’s liability, and many other risks.


Being a landlord is a tough business. Even if you have done every reasonable thing to ensure your tenants are comfortable, disagreements may emerge, and you might suddenly find yourself in the middle of a legal drama. Whether the legal action is instigated by your tenant or yourself to protect your property, you would not want to pay for any legal expenses. As your insurance agency, we can help you secure a legal expenses insurance policy that will thoroughly cover this situation in times of need.


Our products for landlord insurance also come with rent guarantee coverage, since that rent is your income, and our partner insurers in the UK offer comprehensive income protection. When your income is at risk because your tenant had to move out urgently, you can claim loss of income with your insurer who will be ready to reimburse you.


A crisis can hit a property at any time, and your landlord insurance must have proper landlord emergency cover. Whether the electrical network in your rented property fails suddenly or the boiler is severely damaged, you can use your emergency cover to have our partner insurance providers pay for the emergency expenses and save your property from extensive damages and your tenants from unnecessary discomfort.


We also assist businesses in getting comprehensive commercial property insurance for their valuable business and assets. Working with businesses in a variety of industries, (manufacturers, non-profits, retailers, etc.) we assist business owners to get cover from common natural and third-party perils, including theft and fire with an inclusive insurance policy. Our insurance partners write tailored policies that provide clients with cover for their industry-specific risks.


With the aim to provide our clients as comprehensive coverage as possible, we also assist them with getting terrorism insurance for their property. Our partners’ terrorism property insurance policies cover damages and liabilities resulting from terrorist acts. As most insurance providers exclude this kind of insurance from their property insurance and casualty insurance policies, we can help you get an endorsement for terrorism coverage at a fair price.

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