Much like the way catering businesses work, the measure of success for the leisure industry is the quality of service it can deliver. Working with nationwide insurance providers numerous leisure and catering businesses across the UK, such as restaurants, guesthouses, hotels, event organisers, etc. we have created a long list of insurance products that provide these businesses full coverage for their industry-specific risks.

Designed to enable your catering or leisure business to continue operating with full capacity and get quickly back on track after a major liability claim, our insurance products provide you with the best in coverage and quality of service. 


We offer bespoke restaurant insurance with the help of our country-wide network of insurance providers. The insurance coverage for your restaurant will not only include the usual covers you need, such as property insurance, public liability insurance, and employer’s liability but also add endorsements for other kinds of risks you want to be addressed. With our caterer's insurance products, you will never have to worry about claims.


Takeaway businesses face a unique set of risks alongside the usual ones that come with running a business in the UK. Often, they operate during odd hours of the day and are located in open spaces, to point out just a couple of areas that lead to unique insurance coverage needs. With our partner insurers’ products, you can get comprehensive insurance coverage for your takeaway business and overcome the uncertainties of your industry without spending large sums of money out of your pocket. Our insurance coverage for takeaway shops includes business contents insurance, equipment insurance, inventory insurance, product liability insurance, and much more. If you also need front of premises coverage, we can help with that as well.


With an unusually hectic nature of business where multiple tasks are to be performed for several customers every day, the risk of liability claims increases significantly. Thus, the hotel industry is keen on getting comprehensive insurance coverage, but only those products that provide thorough cover for low prices succeed. With this knowledge, we have built inclusive hotel insurance products using our network of nationwide insurance carriers. With us, you get bespoke leisure insurance for your hotel with options to include other risks you want in the policy.


Guesthouse insurance is quite like insurance products offered to hotels. With a focus on giving you the best of coverage that specifically targets the risks unique to your business, we build a tailored insurance policy for your guesthouse, so you can focus on serving your customers without fretting over those seemingly random damages claims. From property insurance and public liability to valuable documents coverage and loss of income insurance, while your business recovers from a setback, we are ready to provide you best-in-class leisure insurance.


Event insurance is a sophisticated branch of insurance coverage services, and we are helping numerous event organisers across the UK get comprehensive coverage for their events. Since the many types of events come with their own set of risks, the event insurance we provide to our clients works as a packaged product that includes all their work-related risks covered through one, affordable premium

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