Professional indemnity insurance in the UK is a complex matter that requires sophisticated solutions only a seasoned commercial insurance agency in the UK can deliver. If you are in need of a professional indemnity policy and liabilities coverage, you should always work with a local professional indemnity insurance broker that understands the nuances of the market.

Premier Insurance fits the bill, possessing all the listed features and more. We can help you find coverage for all your commercial insurance needs, including professional indemnity, public liability, employers’ liability, and higher executive liability among many related services. 


We broker professional indemnity insurance for businesses operating in virtually any industry. Most of our clients in this category are independent professionals and firms providing professional advisory services, including surveyors, accountants, web designers, and IT professionals, to name a few. With insurance negotiations experience in such a wide range of industries, we can help you get comprehensive coverage from professional indemnity claims that would otherwise haunt you for a long time to come.


As a mature commercial insurance agency in the UK, Premier Insurance can help you get proper coverage for any possible risks of public and product liabilities. Products liability insurance allows you to cover the costs of any legal fees and damages awarded to a victim party injured or harmed by your product. Similarly, if you face a public liability claim, it means your business was sued for damages caused to a third-party – or their property – in a place where your team works. To help you find complete cover against these risks, we use our nationwide network of general and specialised insurance providers and find you inclusive policies that provide assurance against typical liability risks specific to your line of work.


Employers’ liability insurance is a special area of professional liability insurance that we help our clients with. With the help of a sound employers’ liability policy, you get cover for most compensation claims that your employees file after sustaining injuries or disease caused as a result of working for you. With our help, you can avoid paying your employees hefty amounts for such claims and focus on investing money in your business’ growth instead.


With the growing complexity in business regulatory and structure, businesses are constantly under threat of litigation and damages claims. While businesses do pay for such claims, their top managers and executives are often unfairly included in these claims. To avoid paying for directors and officers liability claims, get proper coverage from any one of our insurance partners in the UK willing to provide a comprehensive insurance policy against these claims.

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