In the business of construction contracts and skilled trades, project sites are filled with risks that could be mitigated with proper insurance coverage. While a lot of insurers in the UK offer insurance for contractors and tradesmen, we provide our customers with tailored insurance products that fit their specific risks and preferences.


Our contractors all risk insurance products come from some of the leading insurance carriers in the UK. Apart from covering your business for third-party injury or property damage claims, we can help you add specific risks to your policy, so you can focus on your work on the site without having to fret over how to cover expenses when such accidents happen.


Contractors come across many situations where they are held liable for accidental losses, which can be crippling for the business. With the right contractor's liability coverage, these risks can be mitigated effectively. We offer our client contractors professional liability insurance as well as coverage for other types of liability, so they can meet their site needs without paying heavily for accidents out of their pockets.


For a contractor or tradesman, the tools they use are worth more than the money they cost – especially when it comes to rare machinery or expensive power tools during a project. Any kind of vandalism, theft or damage on a site can result in prolonging of the project while locating new equipment – or repairing damaged tools can cost hefty sums.

Even when these tools and machinery are in your garage, they are not safe from theft or damage. With our contractor's tool insurance, however, you can stop worrying about heavy repair or purchasing expenses and keep the equipment you need without a problem

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